Gabrielle Talley is a certified business ghostwriter, editor, and consultant with nearly a decade of experience serving in the industry. She has ghosted/edited a myriad of blog posts, copy, content, social media and articles for coaches, healers, lawyers, and business owners.

Her writing helps sole proprietors and corporations increase their earnings by manifolds and frequently receives testimonials thanking her for her work. She enjoys using a blend of intuition, research and analytics to learn what people want, how they like to connect, and ways to keep them engaged. With experience in copywriting and online marketing since 2006, she has a knack for communicating her clients’ brand and strengths to their ideal clients.

As a ghostwriter, she is dedicated to positioning her clients as an expert within their niche to enhance their exposure and sales. Gabrielle takes your ideas and transforms them into expertise that showcases your wisdom to your ideal clients in the tone and style you would normally use. As a believer of the principle of lifelong education, she is always keen about learning and researching, consequently ensuring her clients of top-notch service.

If you have a passion for sparking global changes from the evolutionary edge based on your life’s purpose, Gabrielle works behind the scenes of your business to help you shine. She fully supports and propels her client’s vision, capturing the precise language that resonates within the heart of their audience and work.