Make Money with Your Product, Program or Service Using Storyselling and Conversation by Hiring a Direct Response Copywriter Who Understands How To Speak To Your Audience

Are you tired of going month after month with little to no sales?

Do you need copy with that magic touch that will pull clients in?

Do you wonder what it is about your copy that is costing you money each month and can’t figure it out?

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Dear Business Owner,

When you start your business, there’s a lot you have to do. It’s simple enough to write a business plan and start on your ideas. Beyond the start, it’s complicated.

You’ve probably already realized this, especially if you’re at the point where you have to gain customers and make sales to stay in business.

You may be content with writing information about your product, program or service by yourself, but if you’re not getting responses, it’s time to call in a Product Launch Specialist and Online Marketing Consultant.

You can’t do it all by yourself. You’ll wind up burnt out and frustrated.

It can take months to learn the effective strategies to write copy.

Even with all search engine optimization and networking, just having text on a page isn’t enough.

If you are losing sleep at night, wondering what to do to get people into your business, keep reading.

Because I want to help you and other business owners improve your web copy, I’m going to share with you three things you can do right now to make your copy more efficient.

Before I let you in on those copywriting secrets, let me share with you the mistakes I see most business owners make in their long sales letters.

Mistake # 1

Being Too Wordy

What’s different about copywriting from shooting-from-the-hip-type-of-writing is that it’s concise.

When you have sentences that go on forever and ever, creating blocks of text that no one since the 18th century would want to read, your website visitors click the little red “x” on their browser…

…and you never hear from them again.

No one wants to read text that goes on and on without getting to the point.

Let me give you a visual to help you get inside the mind of your potential client. Picture this. You’re a salesperson and you’re trying to sell the customer a computer.

You’d probably think that selling computers is an easy task. The customer came to buy, right?

Let’s say they want a computer right now.

So, you’re the salesperson that’s going to sell them one. The customer asks whether the computer has a painting program on it for her granddaughter who’s five and comes to visit every other weekend.

You and I know that most computers have the Paint program installed, so the answer is an easy one.

If you’re an anxious, new salesperson though, the answer you give is likely to be anything but, “yes, it has a Paint program installed.” That’s just too easy.

So, you tell the customer about twelve different computers that have that program and twenty four more programs they can buy for their granddaughter to install on any of the twelve computers.

Congratulations, you’ve now made her confused from too many choices. What an experienced sales person would do is to tell the customer a story about their granddaughter, grandson, or kids using the paint program on one type of computer and all of the wonderful pictures they drew on it, how it created wonderful memories.

If the customer already knows what goals they have for the computer, make it easy and simple for them to decide with story. You then “paint” a picture in their minds of what it would be like for this customer’s granddaughter to paint on their new computer.

Simple, concise story-selling copy.

But, if you think that wordiness is bad, then wait until you hear about the next mistake…

Mistake # 2

Not Painting a Picture

The subconscious is a powerful motivator. We, as humans, are selfish and we relate everything we hear, see, touch and smell back to us.

The world revolves around us.

We want to know what a product will do for us before we buy it. That’s just how it goes.

So if you’re not painting a picture before your reader’s eyes, they’re not going to understand how the offer applies to them.

If they can’t picture the result, they’re not going to buy.

Just like the example above on how an experienced sales person will use story to paint the picture of what life will be like if the customer buys a certain computer, think about those commercials that show whiter teeth after using a brand of toothpaste or whitening strips.

You can see the promised result from watching the commercial and see how the person’s teeth changed over time from using the product.

Painting a picture for your audience to see themselves with the result is one of the main goals in a direct response sales letter. That unconscious trigger presells to their vanity and makes them click the buy button.

But, if you haven’t been doing that, it’s okay, you know now and just wait until you hear about the next one…

Mistake # 3

Not Using Subheaders

It’s a pain to see text on a page and NOT have some way of knowing the result.

If web copy doesn’t have a “mini-line-up” of what to expect, your potential clients are not even going to bother.

Subheaders give your reader the information they need to skim through the sales letter and instantly know whether it applies to them or not… and it presses their hot buttons.

You see, if your readers are web savvy, they’re going to know whether you’re for real or not. They’ll know by skimming your copy. If they can’t relate to what you’re telling them because it’s either too wordy or doesn’t push the buttons on their pain if they don’t buy the program or service, they’re not going to buy.

And you’ll be forced to wonder if you should quit.

Why Most Businesses Fail In the First Two Years

Creating leads is a constant task for every business. Most businesses have to think up new ideas, campaigns and network to make it in the first two years.

It’s endless. It’s not easy.

Especially if you’re using labor intensive ways to market your business.

Online marketing that gets results either uses 1) paid advertising, 2) inbound marketing with content creation, or 3) affiliate marketing.

Copywriting isn’t just text on a page. It serves a purpose…

…to tell and sell. It helps readers see your buy your product, program or service as THE solution to their problems.

Remember the three secrets I promised to tell you about copywriting. You can use these in your web content right now.

  1. Make it easy to understand why they need the offer. Talk to them and educate throughout the copy to make them understand they HAVE to have your offer no matter what.
  2. Paint a picture with words. Use words that allow your reader to imagine themselves enjoying the product, program or service. By letting them step into that place of contentment, they’re already sold.
  3. Tell them a story. Show them how it works through stories. These can be case studies where some of your customers received a certain result or through your own story of why you came up with your product to solve a problem you once had.

Any copywriter has the potential to craft your copy to make sales, but every copywriter fails if they don’t uses essential copywriting basics and a crafted writing flow that get results.

Think about it: All that is standing in your way between your making more money online are just words…

How I Stumbled Into Being a Direct Response Copywriter (And Why I Love It)

No one has the writing gene. It’s something that’s developed over time. It takes skill, patience, testing and practice.

I started writing in 2006 as a Marketing Manager for a local business. I wrote website content, emails, stories, newsletters, advertisements and articles.

Although I was “green” then, I learned more about online marketing since then. I studied copywriting under Paul Hancox, an excellent copywriter and creator of the first split-testing software Michael Fortin ever used, gaining him high conversion rates.

I’ve also torn over lessons and sales copy, literally marking up the copy to see what techniques they used and where. Theses masters of direct sales and online marketing include Ben Settle, John Carlton, Robert Bly, Joe Sugarman, Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, Eugene Schwartz, David Garfinkel, Bryan McLeod, Vin Montello, Kevin Rogers, Ray Edwards, the copywriter for AppSumo (Neville), Ray L. Edwards, and last but not least, Jeff Walker (PLF Creator) … just to name a few … I constantly add to this list! These guys have totally changed my mindset in Internet Marketing since finding out what copywriting actually is (yes, I used to think it was associated with the post office term too).

I’ve written for sites that receive over 13 million views per month. I’ve also created websites and have studied communication techniques that include coaching, neuro linguistic programming, which uses language as a sales technique to build rapport and drive the sale.

I’ve taken Product Launch Formula with Jeff Walker and put it into action for clients, increasing sales and their list simultaneously.

I regularly write for companies in various niches from valve solutions to lawyers to high end jewelers to psychics… even Chia seed products.

I know how to write for your clients.

I also know how frustrating it can be for a smart business owner like yourself not to make the sales you deserve.

It keeps you up at night, worried. Your body starts taking a toll, shutting down.

That’s why I decided to offer my copywriting to you.

How Is My Direct Response Copy Different?

I’ve seen copywriting sell programs that promises this and that, using fake account balances to generate sales. It’s not ethical.

Authentic Solutions Copy is copywriting that’s conversational and persuasive without the hype. I take the information you give me about the product, the story about you and your passion about the program or service, and come up with an angle and story that speaks to your audience.

Working with me on a copywriting project includes support and research for a sales letter.

Working with me is easy, but let me answer a few of the questions you probably have about now:

Do you have experience in my field?

If you’re a business-to-business company, or even an affiliate, life coach, healer and sell through direct response marketing, it’s possible that I’ve already written copy for your industry. Please take a minute to look at my copywriting, web content and article samples in my online portfolio.

Do they represent your business? If not, send me an email, and I’ll send more samples that better suit your area of interest.

Can you work on other projects besides copywriting?

Yes, I have studied and written in a wide range of writing. Most of my work is in long sales letters, blog posts, press releases, web content, and email marketing.

I also provide writing for non-fiction books, ebooks, newsletters, social media, e-commerce descriptions and articles.

My specialty is to write conversational, persuasive copy that’s genuine for a wide range of products, programs and services.

How long of a turnaround time do you have?

I recommend giving me a 2-3 week turnaround time for direct response copywriting projects. That gives me enough time to revise and edit your campaign to the highest satisfaction level. However, I will need to speak with you about your project before we start.

I know that sometimes you need copy faster than that. If you need a rush put on your project, you can simply let me know when you contact me. If I’m able to take on your project, you’ll have it turned in to you by the date you want it and it will be effective and persuasive. I guarantee it.

What happens if we want revisions?

All you have to do is tell me what you’d like to have improved and what changes you’d like to see made. I’ll edit your copy and send it back to you quickly. I give you 2 revisions with the project.

You have 30 days after you receive your copy to ask for revisions. As long as the revision isn’t a change to the original project we agreed on, you can expect I’ll gladly revise anything you’d like.

Who Needs Direct Response Copy?

If you see yourself working less and playing harder, Direct Response Copy can help. I write the copy and you can focus on other things in your business.

If you can respect me and my fees, and are willing to pay for copy, then you would benefit from the copy I write.

If you are serious about building your business and making sales, and are willing to invest, then I help you with the copy I write.

Who this is NOT for:

If you just want someone to write copy and are not willing to pay for it, then this offer is not for you. If you want to pay by commission, I’m not interested.

Hire Me To Write For You

Wouldn’t you buy one if your business became successful after pulling in profit from copy that works?

You can’t play around with your business forever, putting your hands in everything, becoming a master at none.

If you do, you’ll long for time that you can spend with your family.

Burning yourself out isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Imagine yourself on that beach. Paradise.

You have a glass of your favorite drink in one hand and are looking out across the crystal blue ocean. You feel relaxed.

And you don’t have to worry. Your website is working for you even as you lay there soaking up the sun. You took the chance and bought my copywriting service.

You’re glad you invested in yourself as you relax and let your copy do the heavy lifting for you.

Sound good to you?


What I Include In Your Copy…

What Else You Get In Your Copy…

  • Long sales letter copywriting for your product, program or service researched with your target market in mind and written using the essential copywriting elements of persuasion and conversation
  • Bullet points that communicate the benefits your customer receives from your product, program or service
  • Story based on case studies or your own story to show how you created the product, your results and your authority in the niche
  • Responsive copy that’s conversational and communicates to your target market. It’s as if you were in a bar talking about a solution that can help them. This makes them step into it, preselling them before they even reach the “order now” button
  • Informational copy that educates your audience to realize they need your product as the solution to what they’re experiencing and helps them know, like and trust you
  • Copy that triggers reasoning in their minds that instantly agrees with every word on the page and makes your audience realize that your product, program or service is the one that will be the solution, overcoming objections and erasing competition
  • You also receive customer support and access to me if you have questions or need help every step of the way. I’m responsive and my clients trust me with their writing projects, knowing that I keep my deadlines and answer any questions they have throughout.

What About a Guarantee?

I want you to be successful and I want to be successful. That way it’s a win-win. My generous client focused guarantee is that I will give you 2 revisions. And you’ll get each revision back within 3 working days.

Ready for Action?

You’re ready to launch your product, program or service.

Pricing: Depending on your copywriting project, a typical long sales page is anywhere from 10 to 15 pages. Let’s talk about your project and figure out what you need. Contact me and we’ll set up a time or you can select a package below based on word count.

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Check Out What Other People Are Saying About My Copy

I feel it is really great and compelling… awesome work, Gabrielle… your copy writing knowledge and wonderful writing really shines through…

Dan Hanneman
Dan Hanneman

“One of the key things a good copywriter does for you is RESEARCH the target audience, to discover what they really want and need, their hopes and fears, and what’s currently holding them back.

Gabrielle is one of the few copywriters I know who will really spend the time and energy to truly understand your audience… step into their shoes… and speak to them in a conversational tone that powerfully persuades them that they want and NEED your product.”

Paul Hancox

Gabrielle Talley is an outstanding writer and social media expert.  She completely re-organized my social media presence and grew my fan base considerably.  Plus, she is a great writer who could connect with my client base just as well if not better than I could.  I give her my highest levels of recommendations.  Please feel free to contact me if you’d like more information about this talented person.

Lynne Klippel


I am so impressed. WORKING WITH YOU IS A JOY.
Director Mackenzie Pearce