A ghostwriter takes your ideas and puts them into strategic writing to:

  • Build your business
  • Increase brand recognition
  • Help you raise your prices along with your credibility
  • Attract a higher quality of client
  • Share your wisdom with your ideal clients
  • Get more speaking gigs, or get better quality speaking gigs

How do you know if you need a ghostwriter?

If you…

  • Have ideas, but no time to write.
  • Get frustrated for every minute you spend knowing you have a book inside you, but no time to write it.
  • Want a way to reach your ideal client and attract them to you.
  • Want to establish your expertise.
  • Need help with prose and grammar, and especially with strategic writing aimed to motivate your readers to action.

…then you need to hire a ghostwriter!

A ghostwriter works behind the scenes of your business to communicate your wisdom into written form.

How I Work with You on Your Non-Fiction Book:

1. Fill out the form below to tell me about you, your wisdom, and your business.

2. If you are a fit for my services, I will arrange a day/time to talk with you on the phone.

3. I send you the proposal and payment schedule, along with our first interview set up on the phone.

4. You receive a chapter overview and regular submissions after each chapter is completed for your review.

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