Get Rid Of Your Social Media Stress Once And For All

Do you want to grow your social media pages with fans that love your product and service, but have no time or know how to do it?

Do you want traffic from your social media accounts to your products and services?

Do you want to hire someone that actually knows what they are doing and writes social media posts that get results?

While many business owners are spending time educating themselves on how to do their own social media, I help many by doing it for them.

How can you end your social media stress? Let me tell you about three ways that entrepreneurs cause themselves the most trouble on social media, but first, let me ask you…

  • Have you ever started to get your business on social media, only to find that people weren’t commenting on your page?
  • Have you wondered how others get so many likes and comments?
  • Do you need leads for your business, but don’t have time to drive them yourself?
  • Do you know that search engines now include social media networks in their algorithms, but seldom use them to drive traffic to your website?
  • Would you like to make sales using social media?

The Real Reason You Have To Be On Social Media

You know your product and service is what they need, right?

So why not stake your claim in social media… the stress-free way?

And if you’re wondering how savvy entrepreneurs like yourself have caused themselves nothing but headaches, let me share with you the three hurdles they’ve had to overcome…

Social Media Trouble

# 1 – Overwhelm

Jeanine had an active business that depended on Facebook and Twitter to connect with her audience.

She started connecting less and less, as piles of work from clients gathered on her desk, when wouldn’t you know it, her website traffic diminished and even spent more than two hours one night approving her friend requests on Facebook

She went to bed tired and wondering how she was going to include Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and now Pinterest into her already busy workweek.

Jeanine had clients to coach, programs to create, and webinars to give…

…but since she had to spend hours on social media connecting with her audience, she was feeling overwhelmed. She created her business to fit her lifestyle, but the work was keeping her frustrated and tired.

“I never thought I’d have to keep up with so much,” she told us, “but you’ve cured my social media stress! And the plan you put together is a go!”

And while she is able to handle other business items only Jeanine can do, we carried out her social media tasks.

But if you think overwhelm is bad, it’s not as terrible as…

Social Media Trouble

# 2 –Endless Social Media Classes

I’ve seen entrepreneurs take class after class after class to learn social media. It’s endless!

Social media is constantly evolving.

There will be no end to social media classes…

…and what’s worse is that many of the classes only give you theories and never tell you exactly how to write for social media to get sales, engage with potential clients, or establish your authority.

You can spend HUNDREDS of dollars paying for these classes and not get your entire money’s worth in real help for your business.

It’s amazing how many so-called social media gurus make so much money off of these classes and never deliver ANYTHING worth it’s weight in gold.

How do I know this?

I’ve taken classes from many of the top earners in social media today! I’ve listened to them talk and compared what they wrote in the copy to what they actually say in the class.

And while some of them do deliver, you’d be surprised about the ones who don’t…

…but, while you can spend hundreds of dollars for classes that don’t deliver if you’d like…

…read about the worst social media trouble that beats both of these…

Social Media Trouble

# 3 – Doing It All Yourself

I don’t know how some entrepreneurs do it. They get on social media ALL DAY!

How can they ever have time to spend with family?

That’s got to be frustrating! But, it seems that every time you look, they’re on Facebook or Twitter talking to somebody.

Do you really think they do it all by themselves?

The answer is no.

They use teams of people to post for them. Look at Social Media Examiner, for instance. They use a team of people to answer questions that business owners pose on Facebook and across other social media channels.

One person could not be that “on top of things” by himself or herself.

Savvy entrepreneurs use teams to get things done.

I’ve worked with many entrepreneurs launch their business on social media. I’ve helped plan launches and carried them out, all while working behind the scenes for my clients.

And I’ve gotten results.

End Your Social Media Stress Today

There’s never been an easier and more effective way to communicate with your audience, using direct-response copywriting techniques in our “End Your Social Media Stress” writing and management. You can hand over your social media easily and let us do it for you…

…you can always have all of your posts and tweets pre-approved before we post and check-in on your social accounts whenever you’d like to…

You’ll get:

  • Social media writing that uses your brand’s tone of voice, promotes your offers, and images that are relevant, posted to Facebook, Google +, Twitter, and Pinterest
  • Social media writing using direct-response copywriting techniques to attract interest and compel your fans to take action
  • Social media sharing of topics and posts related to your content using the software that provides your logo and website link on your Facebook Fan Page and even your personal Facebook profile
  • Sharing and posting your blog posts on Twitter, Google +, Facebook, and Pinterest
  • Interaction on social media, including reaching out to share other posts and build likes and followers to your page so you can reach more people
  • Facebook ad management for blog posts or promotions (extra service)
  • Interaction with fans on your page and responses to messages and comments
  • Analytics for tracking the success of posts across your social media accounts
  • Changes, as needed, to profiles and updates across social networks
  • Understanding of EdgeRank (Facebook’s way of getting your posts seen to your fans) to help you grow your business through Facebook

In less than thirty minutes, you can turn over your entire social media campaign and leave more time for you to do other marketing tasks in your business.

Our Experience Is Your Ticket To A Successful Business

With experience in online marketing since 2006, we’ve worked with several well-known industry leaders and businesses, generating millions of dollars by maintaining online marketing efforts and creating content that brings traffic, leads, and sales. How can our expertise help grow your business?

Social Media Rodeo
  • 2 social media images specially created for your brand each day
  • 2 blog posts written per month (350 words)
  • Social media image posts (2 per day) across Facebook, Twitter, Google +
  • 10 image posts to share on Pinterest with links back to your website
  • Set up of Facebook Timeline, Twitter, Google +, and Pinterest accounts or edit existing accounts (during 1st month)
  • Response to engagement on social accounts and messages
  • 1 hour each month spent growing the social media accounts
  • Analytical tracking to monitor campaigns
Yes, take over my social media

A basic package jam-packed with helpful ways to grow your business on social media.

Social Media Takeover
  • Social media posts (4 per day) across Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  • 3 blog posts written per month (350 words)
  • 10 image posts shared on Pinterest with links back to your website
  • Set up of Facebook Timeline, Twitter, Google +, and Pinterest accounts (or editing current accounts)
  • Response to engagement on social accounts and messages
  • Set up of tab for signing onto the email marketing list on Facebook
  • 2 hours each month spent growing the social media accounts
  • Analytical tracking to monitor campaigns
Yes, take over my social media

With the Social Media Takeover package, we will increase engagement across your social media networks and provide a content strategy that will increase followers and sales over time.

Social Media Domination
  • Social media posts (4 per day) across Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Pinterest
  • 4 blog posts written per month (350 words)
  • 10 image posts shared on Pinterest with links back to your website
  • Set up of accounts on Facebook Twitter, Google +, and Pinterest (during the 1st month or editing current accounts)
  • Responding to messages and engagement with audience on social media accounts
  • Growing social media accounts 3 hours per month
  • Creation of tab for email marketing
  • Addition of apps useful for your business' content
  • Analytical tracking to monitor campaigns
Yes, take over my social media

The Social Media Domination package is aimed to help set up your revenue machine from your social media accounts.

Additional Services On Social Media

Launch Package

  • Setup across social media networks, including Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, and Linked In
  • Writing all bios using keywords
  • Launch plan specifically tailored for your business, telesummit, or event for social media
  • Creation of events and invites for maximum social media reach
  • Contest copywriting to engage and encourage sharing
  • Social media post writing for JV or attendee sharing
  • 5 social media images specially created for your launch and event
  • Posts written for your launch to drive traffic, shares, sales and engagement (1 per day)
  • Analytical tracking to monitor campaigns
  • Ongoing social media engagement and monitoring available
  • Additional services available – Ad management, tab application installation and monitoring, contest promotion and more

Contact Gabrielle for more information on this package

Let Experienced Social Media Marketers Be Your Guide

Most social media writers and managers have little to no training.

My name is Gabrielle Conde. I’m an entrepreneur and direct-response copywriter. Recently, I launch clients on social media to bring in more leads and sales.

I’ve worked as a virtual assistant for a well-known company and was only given 30 minutes of training before taking over a client’s social media. Can you really trust those people with your audience? Since then, I’ve had over three years of experience with social media, getting results for my clients.

I’ve also taken direct-response copywriting classes and write copy for clients that brings in sales. I’ve launched many businesses on social media and constantly bring them leads to their website.

I’ve taken dozens of courses from the latest social media guru to the little-known cutting-edge techniques in social media offered by the finest entrepreneurs in this business.

I stay in the know with all things social media. I train my staff to be at a higher standard than most social media marketers.

We Love Our Clients

Contact Gabrielle for a free consultation for your business to find out how we can help you.

Even if you have no social media marketing plan right now, Gabrielle helps you based on your business industry and location. She’s worked with numerous businesses to get results.

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See What Our Clients Have To Say…

Gabrielle Talley is an outstanding writer and social media expert.  She completely re-organized my social media presence and grew my fan base considerably.  Plus, she is a great writer who could connect with my client base just as well if not better than I could.  I give her my highest levels of recommendations.  Please feel free to contact me if you’d like more information about this talented person.

Lynne Klippel
Business Building Books

One of the key things a good copywriter does for you is RESEARCH the target audience, to discover what they really want and need, their hopes and fears, and what’s currently holding them back.

Gabrielle is one of the few copywriters I know who will really spend the time and energy to truly understand your audience… step into their shoes… and speak to them in a conversational tone that powerfully persuades them that they want and NEED your product.

Paul Hancox
Presell Mastery

I feel it is really great and compelling… awesome work, Gabrielle… your copy writing knowledge and wonderful writing really shines through…

Daniel John Hanneman Academy for Invincible Healers